Aggressive periodontitis

Aggressive periodontitis 1


Aggressive periodontitis 2


31-year-old woman.

She suffered from aggressive periodontitis, which had caused the loss of gingival papilla.

Periodontal health was achieved after a very conservative periodontal treatment under the microscope consisting of the exhaustive scaling of gingival pockets of 8 mm.

A year after achieving periodontal health and once that the stability of the periodontal tissues had been proved, a restoring treatment involving porcelain veneers was performed.

Aggressive periodontitis 3

1.- 31-year-old woman with gingival recessions after anti-infectious treatment under the microscope (scaling of gingival pockets of 8 mm).

Aggressive periodontitis 4

2.- Porcelain veneers were placed in the upper incisors a year after achieving periodontal health.

Aggressive periodontitis 5

3.- Detailed view of the upper veneers.

Dra. Gema Olmos
Aggressive periodontitis 6


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