“Ortoperio commitment”

Our raison d’être is our patients, and that is why we have designed the Ortoperio commitment, based on a pioneering patient-orientated service.
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Commitment to your budget

We provide beforehand closed budgets of each one of the available choices of treatment. Once the treatment is decided, you can choose among different custom-made methods of payment.

Clínica Dental Ortoperio
Commitment to your time

We make an effort to reduce the waiting time in clinic as far as possible. A contact telephone number and an on-line consultation thread are at your disposal whenever a doubt concerning your treatment arises, so that you do not need to come to the clinic.

Commitment to your safety

We have implemented a zero-risk protocol, persevering in the application of all timely preventive measures in our everyday clinical practice in order to avoid the spread of infectious diseases.

Commitment to your comfort

If you like making the most of your time you will be able to connect to the Internet with your phone or use our Ipad: check the newspapers, your e-mail or your social networks. We also place at your disposal a private recovery room where our patients can recover from the effects of sedation in intimacy.

Commitment to our patients

We commit ourselves to inform you and provide you with the treatment that best suits your needs. We commit ourselves to help you keep your mouth healthy.


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    Sterilization cycle in Ortoperio Clinic:

    • Disinfection: immediate immersion of the tools in a disinfectant solution.
    • Manual cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning: removes dirt from the equipment by facilitating the arrival of the sterilizing agent (water vapour or hot air) all over its surface.
    • Drying and lubrication.
    • Packaging: plastic or paper packagings maintain the equipment in sterile conditions for long periods of time, until new usage.
    • Sterilization: removes all the contaminating micro-organisms (pathogenic and non-pathogenic) on a tool. The most efficient and safe sterilizer is the autoclave, a device that subjects the equipment to high-pressure and high-temperature saturated water steam. We use the autoclave system daily to sterilize the equipment and any supply contaminated by biological fluids that withstand the vapour sterilization.
    • Sterilization process control.
    • Storage.

    Other disinfection and asepsis preventive measures in Ortoperio Clinic:

    • We use all disposable items available in the healthcare market: needles, saliva ejectors, surgical aspirators, one-dose anaesthesia envelopes, glasses, bibs, napkins, gloves, brushes, material applicators, cotton rolls, sterile gauze pads, scalpels, suture needles and threads, fluoridation trays, and a long list of dental supplies and equipment ready for a single usage.
    • Disinfection of dental equipment and surfaces: it is periodically carried out using specific disinfecting solutions for cleaning the dental chair, its channels and deposits, and all surfaces of the rooms under risk of contamination.
    • Barrier techniques: all of our professionals use systematically gloves, masks, protective goggles and standardized uniforms. Our safety is your safety.
    • Correct waste treatment: we use special containers for the disposal of sharp material or biologically contaminated waste.
    • Asepsis in the laboratory: we only work with high-quality prosthetic laboratories ensuring certified hygiene guarantees. Your safety is priceless.
    Dra. Gema Olmos
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