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Teeth whitening is one of the most demanded aesthetic dental treatments, since a great aesthetic change is achieved: it rejuvenates the mouth and provides a brighter and more beautiful smile which can be shown off without complexes.

Until recently, teeth whitening systems were expensive, unsatisfactory and aggressive. Nowadays, however, treatments with a high degree of satisfaction have been developed thanks to the application of the latest technologies to the dental aesthetics field, and in a 40-minute session teeth can be whitened from four to twelve tones. Besides, with maintenance procedures the outcome can last a lifetime.


Teeth age just as the rest of our body. They start doing so since the age of twenty-five. The dentine, consisting of millions of dentinal microtubules, gets oxidized and turns to a yellow or dark brown colour reflected by the enamel as if it was a glass. This ageing process is faster if we do not have good dental hygiene and we abuse of certain foods such as coffee, tee, wine or coke, and also of tobacco.

There are many reasons why stains might appear on teeth, such as medications containing tetracyclines which, at early ages, cause the dentine to turn to an unsightly purplish tone. It can only be softened by teeth whitening.


The real revolution of this innovative teeth whitening system lies in the ease of treatment: a thirty-minute session in the clinic makes a noticeable difference.

The system photo-activates the active substance using cold light, thanks to the latest-generation 85 LED lamp “Luma Cool”, which ensures full lighting on both arches at the same time. According to all scientific studies, the LED light (Light Electric Diode) is the most suitable for teeth whitening since it does not raise the temperature of the patient’s mouth.

The light output spectrum is also important. Specifically, Luma Cool has a (380 NM- 530 NM) spectrum, the widest spectrum among all those existing in the market, which multiplies the whitening effect.

The hydrogen peroxide (H202), the only one photo-activated by cold light, is used in higher and more efficient concentrations. It also includes Energy Transfer Controllers (ETC), which selectively absorb the light of the double-arch LED lamp Luma Cool, accelerating reaction times. Thus, the expected outcome is achieved in a shorter time.  Besides, it respects the natural pH and does not damage the mucosa or the enamel.



A diagnostic process is carried out in the first place: the reason for consultation, prior history of discolouration, a patient’s habits examination, prior dental treatments or other aesthetic treatments. Then, the colour is registered with the VITA shade guide and before and after photos are recorded. If there is any dental problem, first of all it must be solved: caries, dental cleaning… After these steps, the teeth whitening begins.

First, a protective substance is applied on the gum, and then the teeth are dabbed with the whitening product. It is left to work for 8-10 minutes, increasing its effect with the lamp that illuminates all the teeth at a time.

After this time, the gel is removed and another coat is applied. This operation is repeated three times.

Afterwards, the teeth are cleaned and brightened with a special paste. The treatment can be completed with a whitening kit at home.

If you still have any doubts left, you can check this post about teeth whitening:


Which are the side effects of a teeth whitening treatment?

The side effects are minimal if each case is diagnosed individually and the whitening method applied is the most suitable for each case. They vary from person to person, but generally if the patient has particularly sensitive teeth, defective restorations or severely receding gums, the hypersensitivity can last longer than usual. Patients who are allergic to peroxide must not use traditional whitening methods.

Does a teeth whitening treatment hurt?

The teeth whitening treatment is not painful. However, some patients may experience mild sensitivity around the gum line after the treatment. When the whitening is done at home, two important aspects are: choosing a lower-concentration peroxide, and being careful in the application.

In clinic, during treatment and the following days the patient may experience higher sensitivity. In some cases, the patient might find it uncomfortable, but it is easily alleviated with analgesics. Based on our experience, by being conservative and selecting the right treatment in each case sensitivity disappears in a week at most.

Could teeth whitening affect previous dental treatments?

A teeth whitening treatment is non-invasive and safe for patients who have undergone other dental treatments previously. It should be highlighted that white fillings, crowns or veneers do not change colour with the whitening. Only natural teeth can “become whiter”.

It is particularly interesting to undergo a whitening treatment before selecting the colour of a crown (veneer) or filling for a definitive restoration. The inside of the tooth is “cleaned”.

Is a teeth whitening treatment permanent?

A teeth whitening treatment can have outstanding results. However, one must remember that a daily oral hygiene is essential for long-lasting results.  Tobacco, coffee and tee will continue staining your teeth after the whitening. That is why an annual check-up is convenient and, if necessary, an additional session at home or in clinic from time to time.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Teeth whitening treatments are very safe, using simply a peroxide-based solution and/or a special light in order to remove stains and pigmentations through oxygen release.

Depending on the concentration of whitening agent, whitening treatments can be applied at home (less strong in order to prevent the product from damaging the gums), in the dental clinic (stronger products that must be applied in a controlled manner and whose absorption can be increased thanks to systems such as cold light application).

The most suitable product and system are selected according to the initial tooth staining. It is very important that there should not be any caries or fillings in bad conditions, and the whitening agent should not be applied on areas of fractured or worn enamel nor in areas where the root is exposed. It is also contraindicated in individuals who are already very sensitive to cold or heat.

Most patients might experience an increase of sensitivity during the treatment and the following days. In some cases, the patient might find it uncomfortable, but it is easily alleviated with analgesics.

Based on our experience, being conservative and selecting the right treatment in each case, sensitivity disappears in a week at most. In our clinic, we use the system Quick White, which combines hydrogen peroxide of different concentrations based on the needs of each case and also cold light.

The whitening session lasts 45 minutes and afterwards the treatment continues at home for a week.

Is there a teeth whitening system for sensitive teeth?

In order to whiten sensitive teeth, we can use low concentrations of peroxide and apply the product in a controlled manner, avoiding the most sensitive parts.

Is the outcome of implants aesthetic?

Implants correctly placed guarantee in most cases an outcome much more aesthetic than the original teeth of the patient. The patient must be aware that not only he will obtain a healthy mouth, but also an aesthetic smile. Those must be his demands.

What happens if I have tetracycline staining?  Will it disappear with the whitening treatment?

Many patients have experienced a surprising reduction of tetracycline staining with professional teeth whitening. Depending on the seriousness of the pigmentation, some patients schedule various whitening sessions. Stains do not disappear completely, but they are concealed.


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