Exposed canine root

Exposed canine root 0


Exposed canine root 1


51-year-old woman. She seeks consultation regarding the recession in her upper canine. She is explained in detail the biological constraints of the case due to a loss of interproximal bone tissue and, most of all, the horizontal bone loss in the distal area. Afterwards, a gingival connective tissue graft is done and, against all odds, full root coverage is achieved thanks to the microsurgical approach of the case.

Exposed canine root 0

1.- Gingival recession affecting canine tooth with bone loss in interproximal neighbouring areas and distal area.

Exposed canine root 1

2.- Full root coverage, even with papilla recovery at the distal level.

Dra. Gema Olmos
Doctora Gema Olmos Clínica Dental Ortperio


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