I do not have enough bone for implants

I do not have enough bone for implants 0


I do not have enough bone for implants 1


When a tooth is missing in the front sector not only the tooth is lost, but also partially the bone that surrounds and supports it. Very often, when teeth are lost due to a serious infection or a large root fracture, a deficit of bone tissue occurs after the extraction, making the implant placement impossible.

In these cases of advanced bone reabsorption, a bone graft is required before or at the same time than the implant placement. If the bone grafts are mild or moderate they can be performed using sterile xenografts, that is, inorganic deproteinized bovine bone. In cases of very serious atrophies, the graft material must be the patient’s own bone.

Only highly specialized surgeons can conduct the techniques used to treat complex cases in which the bone graft must be done prior to the implant placement, as it is impossible to place the implant at the same time. The obtaining of the bone material and its placement are very sensitive to the surgeon’s hands.

Bone grafts usually fail when performed by inexperienced hands, giving rise to the loss not only of the bone graft, but also of the remaining bone of the patient and even of the neighbouring teeth.

In Ortoperio Clinic, the bone grafts are done by Dr. David González.

As you can note in his CV, Dr. David González counts on a great amount of lectures and publications (which can be checked in the “publications” section of this site) regarding bone grafts, and more specifically situations in which the bone graft is a requirement in order to place an implant.

I do not have enough bone for implants 2

1.- Front view revealing loss of central incisors and bone atrophy of a young man due to severe trauma.

I do not have enough bone for implants 3

2.- Right lateral view revealing bone atrophy, which will prevent a correct emergence profile.

I do not have enough bone for implants 4

3.- Left side view. Patient with little occlusal space. Obvious need for a bone graft.

I do not have enough bone for implants 5

4.- Front view of two screwed metal-porcelain crowns on two implants placed on central incisors. Note the proper contour of the soft tissues.

Dra. Gema Olmos
Doctora Gema Olmos Clínica Dental Ortperio


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