These are the opinions of some of our patients:

“I have loved the clear braces. They are very comfortable and facilitate the oral hygiene since they are removable. I am very pleased with the outcome. Best of all, nobody realizes you are wearing braces.”

“It has been great to enjoy my smile with the braces out of sight during the whole treatment. Eventually you forget you are wearing them. I recommend it to everyone who wants to show off a perfect smile without anyone noticing.”

“Lingual orthodontic appliances have been a great discovery to me. It is not only due to the dreaded aesthetic problem, but especially because it is so pleasant and encouraging to notice month after month that your teeth are moving towards the right position and your smile is prettier. Besides, there is no discomfort. As soon as you are adapted, you are not in a hurry to have it removed and that does not happen with other types of orthodontic treatment.”

“I have been provided much information about every doubt I came up with. I have felt they are very up-to-date regarding new treatments (lingual orthodontics) and all of this together with a warm treatment.”

“The treatment has gone smoothly, the aligners are comfortable and we have achieved the goals outlined. I am very pleased with Invisalign clear braces─ they were the best choice for me.”

“The result has met all expectations, and therefore I am very pleased. On top of that, the service has also been excellent.”


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